Why Is Cockatiel Eating Its Own Poop? State 3 reasons!

If it is your first time seeing your cockatiel eating its own poop, then you might get alarmed due to this behavior. But, you will be surprised to know that eating its own poop makes them get proteins and vitamins to the body, which means there is no harm to eating it. 

Eating of its own poop or waste matter by any species or creature is known as coprophagy. This is quite normal behavior that you can find in many creatures. There is nothing harmful as it also contains some benefits for the body. 

There are many reasons which will show the reasons for eating poop by cockatiel. However, this also brings changes in their behavior and regular habits, which can be easily fixed and taken care of under special affection and attention. 

  • Deficiency Of Nutrients 

Cockatiels are considered one of the unique species of parrots which can detect their own health and the level of nutrients in their diet. If they find a deficiency, they immediately show symptoms in front of you. Although you will be surprised to know, the nutrients that parrot requires are resent in their poop. 

This doesn’t mean that your cockatiel needs to eat its own poop all day. It can be used if they are not absorbing sufficient nutrients from other food items. Poop of cockatiel contains a quantity of vitamin C and B, which are healthy for its body. 

  • Less Engagement 

This usually happens when you start ignoring your bird or don’t have enough time to look after them. You cannot just simply leave your cockatiel in a cage and move outside; you have to show proper love and engagement with them. 

If you are lacking in this, then cockatiel will find other ways like eating anything like poop, moving around, make noises inside the cage. This is very unhealthy for the bird, and if you don’t show attention to them, it can also lead to anxiety and stress for cockatiel. 

  • Pungent Odour 

Obviously, the smell of poop is pungent, which cannot be born by anyone. And when it comes to cockatiel, then you will be shocked to know that they always live to keep themselves clean and fresh. If they find their poop for a longer time inside the cage, then they will definitely try to remove it by eating or flicking it out. 

The cockatiel doesn’t like the bad odor of poop, which makes them undergo in eating the poop so that they don’t find it near themselves. However, there is no harm in eating poop as it contains several vitamins and protein, which can be beneficial for the cockatiel’s body. 

Some Last Words, 

Although eating poop can sound dangerous, one should understand that there is no harm for some pets like cockatiels to eat their poop. Change of this kind of behavior is common to understand that your cockatiel is undergoing some issues which you must look after to give a healthy life span to your bird.