Web Design Basics Aesthetics

In order to make the most of your Sydney web design agency you have to be aware of some of the basic concepts that come with design. This doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert on design, rather it is always best to know a little bit about the subject matter that you are working with. Understanding the basic concepts allows you to give more suggestions while understanding the suggestions given to you. You should of course also listen to your web designers and it’s much easier to do that when you know what it is they’re actually talking about.

The designing of the wordpress websites is in the hand of the people. The designing of the website is in the hand of the person who is completing the task. The person can organize the complete website based on the colors that will make the website attractive.

Colour –

Colour is an extremely important part of design. The contrasting colours of a website are envisioned in complementary colours although there are some cases, especially when you are after harmony that contrast is toned own. Even when you look at a black and white screen or something that is monochromatic you are still essentially looking at some colour or the other. Colours differentiate how people see your site and whether or not it stands out for them. Make sure you tell your design agency about this since they need to plan out their colour scheme as well.

Lines –

The more lines you have the more solid your website looks. Take a look at cars for example. Older cars were typically more masculine and hard core which is why their lines were defined and straight. Nowadays cars have a sleeker look, not just because they are more aerodynamic but also because they are meant to appeal to both genders and be more fluid. The straighter the lines on your website are the more you evoke masculinity or technology. On the other hand curves can represent softness and fluidity. Most designers create a balancing act between the lines and will use a mixture of the two types of lines. Which line overpowers the other however will be defined by what your company needs in terms of branding.

Font –

If you think fonts are immaterial to design then you’re wrong. Fonts are meant to follow the theme of your website and thus be based on both the colours as well as the lines which are visible on your page. Just like colours, certain fonts evoke certain feelings and also evoke a sense of masculinity or femininity. Fonts can also be chosen based on the type of industry that you’re in or the feel of what you want your company to be.

Plenty of other elements are involved in design but these are some of the most basic and essential for you to know in order to work well with your Sydney web design agency.