How To Be A Computer Technician

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1) You don’t need to be a Know-It-All Einstein!

This is an essential mindset for the people entering this industry. Most of the times, when looking at the vast opportunities in IT, beginners think that they need to be experienced in every single one of the categories of overall technology which is actually a bad idea! Time is money and I would suggest going into one specific niche (for example, Viruses, Hardware, Software, etc.). I recommend this because once you are experienced in one field; you can instantly start making money. As you slowly get more time on your hands, get some more education and move on to the next field. Slowly work your way towards more opportunities WHILE making a steady flow of income.

2) Education

In this generation, I am pretty sure you can see that it is nearly impossible to find a job without proper education. Go into any field whether it be Medical or Technology. In the resume, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to even get invited for an interview. On that note, a profession as a Computer technician has its advantages. Instead of having to go through 4 years of university, you can easily get some certificates of experience ONLINE and AT YOUR OWN PACE!


The simple answer is RELIABILITY. All the customers seeking computer help are looking for experienced technicians. Just think of it this way, you got two ads of computer technicians on the newspaper. One says that he offers Malware/Spyware removal service while the other is stating that he is a GIAC Certified professional in Malware/Spyware. Catch my drift?

3) Advertising

Now at first, it will take time to start getting some customers. You cannot just apply for education, get your technician tools and start making money. You need to get yourself out there! The easiest and fastest way to get the most customers would simply be to publish an ad on your local newspaper. The only problem with this is the investment involved! If you are someone like me when I started, I wanted to save as much money as I could. What I did was spread the word through posting flyers (easily makeable from Microsoft Publisher) on my local neighbourhoods.

I would drive by the local neighbourhoods and tape my flyers on the mailbox. It is free advertising and if you have a huge neighbourhood, people will notice your services and likely call. Just put your contact info and put a simple summary of what you are going to offer. That way, I made around my first $ 500 (It took weeks but the free advertising paid off!)… With that money, I re-invested to post ads on my local newspaper to get even MORE customers and Voila! New customers began to call and make me some profit. As you get publicity, more and more customers will be willing to buy from you since you will be known as a more trustable source. Donald Trump said it best when he stated that “the first million is the hardest. The next million becomes easier and easier to reach.”

So instead of just reading, I will recommend that you start taking some action. Right now, it may seem like becoming a Computer Technician has its expenses but as you start making money. You will benefit immensely down the line!

Concluding Words:

As my experience as a Computer Technician, when I went to buy the tools I needed to start, they had a fairly big impact on my bank account. Also, most of the customers call you to assist them to do the easiest things BUT they are as well, TIME CONSUMING! Therefore, if you really want to make this a career where you can profit a great amount, I recommend you to manage your time wisely.

For me, instead of having to manage my time, I purchased a really beneficial tool that helps me every day to assist customers with easy-to-follow tasks. I got this for a measly $ 40! It helps me finish my work almost 5x as faster. If you are interested in performing your work faster, I extremely recommend BetterPCTech.