How A Person Can Visit The Stonehenge- A Place With Adventure

We all know that Stonehenge is one of the most famous landmarks in England, but have you ever wondered how it got its name? It was actually a collection of stones until they were replaced by huge blocks of stone during the construction period. In fact, archaeologists believe that there are more than 4,000 pieces of stone used in the construction of this ancient monument. 

The site has been the focus of many theories and debates throughout the years. We’ll take a look at five different ways that you can visit Stonehenge for free. 

Visiting Stonehenge on Foot 

There’s no better way to experience Stonehenge than to walk around it yourself. The entire site is a World Heritage Site, so there is absolutely no need to pay for admission or anything else. You just have to make sure that you’re allowed to be there before you head out. If you don’t have any kind of ticket or permission to be there, then you’re going to get booted off the property. However, if you do, then just follow your nose and enjoy! 

There are lots of places on the property where you can explore the history of this site. You could start at the visitor center that sits near the entrance gate. Here you will find plenty of information about the history and preservation of the site. There is also a gift shop with everything from t-shirts to books. At the end of the day, you can check out the cafe and bar that sit outside of the museum building. 

There are lots of other things to see as well. For example, you may want to stop by the Heel Stone to see the history behind the placement of that particular piece of rock. 

Visiting Stonehenge by Car 

If you really want to get a feel for the history and architecture of Stonehenge, then you should consider taking a tour. Tours of the area usually last between 3-4 hours. During this time you will learn about the history of the site, as well as what makes it unique. Many people come back year after year because they love learning new things. 

You can choose between two types of tours. One type focuses on the modern history of the site while the other is centered on the archaeology. Either way, you are guaranteed to learn something new about Stonehenge. 

One thing to note is that some of these tours require advance booking. So if you want to go during peak season, you should book early. 

Sailing Around Stonehenge 

It doesn’t matter whether you like adventure sports or not; there is nothing quite like sailing around the stone circle. If you’ve never done this, then now might be a good time to try it out. 

The main reason why this is called sailing is because you use a sailboat to travel across the water. But it isn’t just any old boat you can rent out. These boats are specially designed for tourists who would like to explore the area. Some even have special lighting systems that allow you to see the site at night. 

So if you haven’t had much luck finding a boat to rent yet, then maybe you should give this option a shot. You can find them in Poole, Dorset, which is just over an hour away from Stonehenge. 

Hiking Around Stonehenge 

Even though Stonehenge hasn’t been used for thousands of years, it still has plenty to offer hikers. This means that you can get up close and personal with the site without having to pay for admission. 

Some people say that the best time to hike around the monument is in the springtime. Others prefer to visit in the summer months when the weather is nice. Whatever works for you, just be sure to pack comfortable shoes and layers of clothing. 

When hiking through the site, you will encounter lots of interesting artifacts. Some of these include animal bones, human remains, and even tools. As you continue to explore further, you’ll also discover some ruins of houses. Even though Stonehenge wasn’t originally built to serve as a home, these ruins show how the people of the past lived in their surroundings. 

You can always purchase a map of the area, but we recommend that you bring along a GPS device since there are some areas where it can be difficult to navigate. 

Enjoying a Picnic Near Stonehenge 

If you want to enjoy the outdoors instead of being locked away inside a large building, then you should consider bringing your own lawnchairs along with you. Then you won’t have to worry about paying extra money for a seat in the visitors’ area. 

You can buy chairs at the gift shop near the entrance, or you can bring your own from home. Just make sure to keep them clean. 

As long as you are respectful, you don’t have to worry about anyone stopping you. It’s perfectly acceptable to lay down on the grass and eat a picnic lunch. Of course, you can also bring food with you from home. 

Visiting Stonehenge By Train 

It’s true that you can get to Stonehenge via train, but it’s not recommended unless you have limited mobility. Most trains only run every 2-3 hours, which can create a lot of stress for those trying to reach the site. Plus, the trip takes over an hour, which means that you miss out on seeing the rest of the countryside. 

That said, if you already have tickets to another attraction nearby, then this might be the perfect solution for you. 

There are several options available to you. First off, there is the standard rail route. This is the fastest option, but it comes at a price. Tickets can cost anywhere from $40-$100 depending on the exact date and time that you plan to travel. 

Next, you have the option of traveling by high speed train. This allows you to enjoy a faster journey, but it does mean that you are limited to certain days and times. The same goes for these tickets. They typically range in price from $50-$200. 

There are various places that a person can plan visiting stonehenge from London. The person can be at the place at any time and can get there results that will prove to be a fruitful option. In the long run, people will get the benefit that will give the high level of the retunes.

Another option is to take the shuttle bus. This service costs $12 per person roundtrip. But it offers a quicker ride through the countryside. Plus, it has its perks too. For example, you can save 10% on admission fees if you reserve online ahead of time. 

Whatever you decide to do, remember that you can always hop on the next train to return home. 

Now that we’ve looked at all of the ways that you can visit Stonehenge for free, we hope that you have found something here that will work for you. If you are looking for more fun activities, then you should consider checking out our article about the top things to do in Bath.