Home Improvement Contractors

Home Improvement Contractor in Elizabethtown and Lancaster

As home improvement contractors, we provide a variety of services to our customers. Since we have been operating as home improvement contractors for several years, we have the skills and experience to do a professional job no matter what type of project you are considering.

One of the jobs that we do regularly is roof repair or complete roof replacement. This is one of our primary services. Some home improvement contractors won’t take on a roofing project, but we love doing roofs. We can install any type of roof: asphalt shingles, wood, metal, slate, or tile. They each have pros and cons, so we can discuss the options with you and see what is best for your situation and budget.

We also install siding for your house. As you might know, there are a few different types of siding from which to choose. Not all home improvement contractors handle all types of siding. Aluminum siding is fireproof and does not crack. However, it does dent, so you have to be careful when using a ladder. Vinyl siding is made from plastic and comes in many different colors, so you never have to worry about it rotting or the paint starting to flake. However, after years of exposure to the Pennsylvania sun, vinyl does have a tendency to crack and the color fades after a while. Other options include wood clapboard and stucco. We are happy to go over each of them with you.

Replacement windows is another popular project for which people often contact home improvement contractors. We love doing windows! If the windows in your home are older, you might find that they don’t move up and down very easily. Or on cold days, you might feel a draft of cold air leaking in around the edge of the window. You might even have windows that have been shut for years and won’t open due to paint being applied to the windowsill and the frame. You are going to love new windows in your house! A new set of windows are not only easier to use and clean, they are more energy efficient in keeping the cool air inside in the summer time, and the warm air inside in the winter. You will see the difference in your utility bills. So they are a great investment, and they make your home look great too.

Another task that we can handle for you is checking your insulation. While doing an insulation evaluation may not seem like something that home improvement contractors would handle, it’s actually a rather important issue to consider. With the proper insulation installed, the heated air in your attic doesn’t get through to your living area so your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard. Like new windows, this increase energy efficiency results in decreased utility bills and that goes a long way toward paying for the insulation over time.

We also do very specialized work on gutters. This is sometimes done in relation to our roofing projects; however, if you are having a problem with water “ponding” or otherwise not draining properly, give us a call. We are quite experienced with designing specialty drainage systems that will work to solve your unusual or unique water problem(s). You won’t find other home improvement contractors that are able to provide that type of specialized service; most will just try to patch up the leak. We believe in treating the problem, not just the symptom.

If you have any questions or problems related to home improvement that are not mentioned here, we encourage you to call us. Chances are we have experience in what you are trying to do. We can come out and discuss your situation and give you a free estimate.

We are home improvement contractors in Pennsylvania: Elizabethtown, Hershey, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Mechanicsburg, Hanover, Red Lion, Manchester, and York.