Harold Matzner: The Man Behind Palm Springs’ Thriving Arts Scene

Harold Matzner has been a powerful force behind the thriving arts scene in Palm Springs, California. An accomplished philanthropist and businessman, his contributions to the area have enabled the creation of some incredible works of art and cultural venues throughout the city. From commissioning public sculptures to supporting museums and performing arts centers, Harold’s efforts have enriched both residents and visitors to this desert oasis. Here’s a look at how he’s shaped Palm Springs’ vibrant arts landscape. If you’re curious to know more about Harold, his background, and his achievements, you can find more info on Harold here: https://www.haroldmatzner.com/

Harold Matzner is a long-time resident of Rancho Mirage, California, just outside Palm Springs. He attended Stanford University before embarking on a career in business that eventually led him to become one of the most influential people in the Coachella Valley region. In addition to his business interests, Harold has a long history of philanthropic involvement, including donating time and money to numerous organizations throughout the area and establishing two foundations dedicated to helping those less fortunate than himself.

His contributions to the arts and culture

For decades, Harold has been instrumental in bringing art and culture to Palm Springs, commissioning public sculptures for installation throughout the city and funding projects at several local museums, including the Annenberg Theatre Center at the McCallum Theatre and the Lantana Institute for Contemporary Art (LICA). He also supports many non-profit organizations such as the Desert AIDS Project and Gilda’s Club, founded by comedian Gilda Radner, which provides cancer support services. It also supports musical events such as Jazz in the Park, held annually during Modernism Week in February.

The Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

A project close to Harold’s heart is the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, located in the historic district of downtown Palm Springs. As Co-President of its Board of Directors since 2002, he has seen it grow from a small operation to a nationally recognized institution with collections spanning 10,000 years of California’s indigenous history, all housed in its stunning modern facility designed by renowned architects Ellerbe Becket Architects PCAOPC (now AECOM).

Supporting local artists

In addition to these larger museum projects, Harold is also passionate about supporting local artists who may not be able to receive large grants or donations, but can still make an important contribution through their work. He hopes that being able to provide smaller-scale support will give more emerging talent opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, and add even more diversity to the city’s already vibrant arts scene.

Commitment to preserving the past and enriching future generations

At 78, Harold shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to giving back what he loves so much about his beloved Palm Springs; its rich heritage combined with an ever-growing appreciation for creativity and cultural expression among the successive generations that call it home today – and those yet to come tomorrow! Thanks in large part to his tireless efforts in promoting these ideals, investing time and resources in preserving existing works of art while fostering new ones, his commitment to preserving past legacies while expanding future horizons remains steadfast!