Code of Ethics

All journalists, production teams, and workers of are bound by a stringent Code of Ethics. The Code is a source of pride and strength for us, as it serves as a continual reminder of our dedication to our viewers.

Adhere to the journalistic standards of honesty, courage, fairness, balance, independence, credibility, and diversity, and prioritize professional responsibilities over commercial or political reasons.

Strive to uncover the truth and express it unequivocally in our dispatches, programs, and news bulletins, leaving no doubt about its legitimacy and correctness.

Respect our audiences and give each issue or story the attention it deserves in order to present a clear, factual, and accurate picture while taking into account the feelings of victims of crime, war, persecution, and disaster, their relatives, and our viewers — always keeping in mind an individual’s privacy and public decorum.

Accept fair and honest media competition without allowing it to negatively impact our performance standards, keeping in mind that getting a “scoop” is not a goal in and of itself.

Present a variety of viewpoints and perspectives that are free of bias and favoritism.

Recognize human society’s diversity, including all races, ethnicities, and beliefs, as well as their values and intrinsic worth, in order to present an unbiased and accurate reflection of them.

Recognize when you’ve made a mistake, fix it right away, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Maintain transparency while dealing with the news and its sources, while adhering to internationally recognized standards for the protection of these sources’ rights.

To avoid the traps of conjecture and propaganda, distinguish between news, opinion, and analysis.

Stand behind colleagues in the profession and offer support when needed, especially in light of the occasional acts of abuse and harassment that journalists face. To safeguard press freedom, collaborate with domestic and international journalists unions and groups.