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Dislyte is a unique video game that Dislyte Productions developed. The development of this video game started in 2011, and it’s available on Android devices such as phones and tablets. It’s also available on iOS devices, but you must have a jail-broken phone to play the iOS version. It has received numerous positive reviews from its users. They all praise this game for its unique features and excellent gameplay. 

Dislyte can be downloaded and enjoyed for free, but it does offer in-app purchases that allow you to purchase extra coins and items. This video game is about 64 MB and requires Android 4.0 or a higher operating system version. Dislyte showcases a mystical world of mystery and adventure, an escape from reality where you can be immersed in a captivating story. 

You can explore different lands or spend hours cooking delicious meals using recipes passed down through generations. You can even catch up with an old friend or find out what’s making the neighbors so mad. You can become caught up in a new romance or start a new adventure. This game will keep you entertained for hours and hours, which you can check from its homepage. In addition, it will help you to know more and more about the game and boost your confidence to play this game.

Reroll Guide and Tips in Dislyte Game 

Rerolling is the new strategy implemented in video games. The concept of this strategy is that you can start a new game with characters and items you currently do not want. It is then possible that these items can be rerolled for much better results, though some characters may provide their benefits along with the stats from rolls. 

In Dislyte, rerolling might not be as easy as in other games, but how to do it and when still essential questions to answer are. The following details will help you understand rerolling in Dislyte and how to do it correctly. In addition, here are some crucial tips for rerolling in Dislyte, so stay focused.

  • Make sure You Have Some Coins or Tokens before Rerolling. 

Before rolling a new character, ensure you have the necessary resources. Coins are essential, as they allow you to reroll since most items or characters require coins to be obtained. On the other hand, Tokens are necessary for increasing your chances of rerolling heroes in Dislyte.

  • Do Not Put all of Your Items/Characters

While trying to roll a new character, do not put all your items and feelings at once. If you have all the things and characters for your two last characters, you’ll end up rolling with those two. Also, remember that some items or characters might require coins to unlock.

  • Beat the Game First

Before rerolling your character, you must beat the game. This is because many Dislyte items require you to have completed the entire story of the game to unlock. Also, since it is impossible to use tokens during gameplay, for those hoping to reroll their characters using tokens, this will be impossible if you do not have any coins. 

  • Introduce the New Character

Before rerolling your character, you want to introduce them to your other characters. To do so, you should have unlocked the new character completely. If you are rerolling with a token, ensure you have also completed the story for that character. Also, it is advised that you stop playing the game if it is still in progress at this point. 

  • Take Advantage of the New Character Stats

The new character will have different stats and abilities, so use that to your advantage. Additionally, make sure you are not rolling with the best stats for your character, and keep in mind that there is a difference between rerolling for better stats and rerolling for better equipment. You can also reroll with a lesser but more powerful weapon to take advantage of its ability. Lastly, remember that it might be best to roll a new character if you are moving to get better stats or equipment.


The goal of Dislyte is to escape the realm opened in your living room. The story is where it all begins, but you must prove yourself worthy to be a part of the story and to have access to the few who can escape from reality.

The second generation of Microsoft’s video game console, Xbox One, launched on November 22nd, 2013. Microsoft manufactured this device and sold it in 13 different territories on the launch date. It was priced at $499 for the device without Kinect and $599 for the device with Kinect.

Every seasoned Xbox One user has a collection of tips and tricks that have made the console more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for some pro tips on how to get the most out of your controller or which games you should be playing right now, the below details will have various tips to suit your needs. You can also consider reading various XBOX articles to have better knowledge about this console. 

  • Download Discord on Windows, iOS or Android

Discord is a free gaming app that offers gamers a personal voice and text chat service. Gamers design it for gamers. The Xbox One takes only the click of a button to start up a private agent and text chat service on your console. All you need is to have your Xbox One with you and a mobile device with your favourite messaging apps already set up and signed in.

  • For a Faster Start-Up Time, try Target Switching.

A target switching is an action in which a gamer will connect their controller via USB to the console instead of using the wireless controllers attached to the console by default. You have to pull out your wireless controller from the Xbox One and place it into your console controller to do this.

  • Watch out for Xbox One’s Tricks

You can change your settings on Xbox One to customize your menu and game preferences. For example, you could change your language preference to Spanish. You could also try playing on the console via HDMI instead of the component cable. In addition, you’ll find a few options to check out that make gaming on Xbox One even easier for you.

  • Xbox One games are different from Xbox 360 games.

The Xbox One also has new game formats, but you can still use any old Xbox 360 game discs. If you decide to play an old game from the Xbox 360 on your new console, it will be upscaled through the HD DVD of the machine, which will provide a better quality image than what was available originally.

  • Set your time zone and adjust the console’s clock

You can have your Xbox One box set to your local timezone to get the most accurate gaming experience with minimal lag on screen. It will also help you save battery life when you are on the go. You can also use Bing or Google to adjust the console’s clock or set a new one if you downloaded it from an online store.

With these tips and tricks, you can better understand how to use the Xbox One. There are a lot of features and applications that everyone should check out the availability on their new console. Once you understand the given details, you can easily use this console and significantly impact your knowledge and various game experiences.