An Introduction to Electric Unicycle – Buyer’s Guide for the Beginners 

The electric unicycle is a new type of hybrid bike with the stability of a unicycle and the power of a conventional bicycle. It can carry up to 250 lbs and range of 15 miles on one charge. Electric Unicycles are designed to be used by people with fewer mobility issues who want more control over their movement while riding. 

So you’ve been thinking about getting a unicycle, and you’ve finally decided to purchase an electric unicycle. Electric unicycles have come a long way in terms of technology, performance, and durability. It’s hard to go wrong with any company. The following details will help you make your choice by discussing some considerations when looking at electric unicycles available on the market today, cost, wheel size, battery life, weight limit (rider), etc.

Factors to Consider 

  • Battery Life 

An average of 8 to 12 hours of battery life is considered standard on many electric unicycles. If you’re looking for an electric unicycle that will last a few days (or weeks), look for one with a higher battery capacity. Most electric unicycles have removable batteries that can be exchanged easily. Be aware that a high battery capacity will likely weigh more and make your unicycle harder to maneuver, especially if you are learning how to ride in the first place. 

  • Wheel Size

The wheel size refers to the width of the wheel rims in inches from axle to axle (front tire sits on the front axle, back tire on the back axle). If you’re looking for a super stable electric unicycle, choose a smaller wheel size. It’s harder to keep the wheels from spinning in a bike leaning to one side, but it also makes it much more balanced. For example, if you’re tall and lean to the left, a 26″ wheel will perform better than a 29″ wheel. 

  • Weight Limit

What’s the weight limit of your electric unicycle? It is one of the most important considerations before purchasing an electric unicycle. The weight limit can be adjusted from 250 lbs to 1000 lbs. If you have less than 250 lbs on your bike, you may be able to use the electric unicycle for short distances. At this point, you will likely have to ride the unicycle with one hand on the handlebars and one foot on the pedal to prevent it from tipping. You are highly recommended to purchase an electric unicycle with a higher weight capacity if you plan on using it for long periods or simply want to be extra safe when riding.

  • Cost 

The cost is directly related to value. These electric unicycles are not cheap, but for an entry-level product, the price is reasonable and usually comes in at $1500 to $2000. You can also find these electric unicycles on sale for less than $1000 if you do a little research. Don’t be fooled by electric unicycles advertised as $900 bikes on the internet.

  • Warranty

The warranty is one of the most important factors when you purchase any product. It is paramount to have a manufacturer’s warranty with a risk-free return policy. So if you have any questions regarding the electric unicycle, then types of parts or defective parts, speak to their customer service team before purchasing an electric unicycle online.


The electric unicycle can be a fun and exciting way to commute, but you must use caution when riding and be sure to take safety precautions. The electric unicycle is a new type of bike that has been in the market for a few years now, and it’s gaining momentum. Like many other new products on the market, many variations of these bikes are available to consumers.