A Facelift For Your Bathroom

Written by Mike West One of the worse things that can cramp your lifestyle is living with an outdated bathroom. Yet these antiquated bathrooms can be dramatically refinished to bring you into the 21st century! Some homeowners would like a bathroom that is utilitarian, while others may want a master bathroom to pamper themselves in. What do you want?

Your budget and your answer will help determine the best way to renovate. Do you want to expand your bathrooms footprint? Are you going to utilize the existing space to help save on costs? Are you thinking of adding a room addition to help accommodate your new bath? These are a few options to consider which vary greatly in cost.

The most common remodel is utilizing the space already given, this is also the least expensive. The next option is to move around your rough plumbing to change the layout of your fixtures, beware however because this can drastically increase the overall price tag. You have to be aware of local building codes as certain items need minimum clearances, if thinking about this option.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a room addition, think about commadeering an unused bedroom. You can remove walls if the bedroom is the next room over, if not you’ll need to move all of the rough plumbing. Turning this extra bedroom into a luxurious modern style bathroom will have a great affect on your home’s resale value.

The first step in a bathroom remodel is evaluating your current situation:

Do you need a new toilet, tub/shower, or sink? An older wall haning toilet can be replaced with a low water consumption style one. You can save money on your tub by having it reglazed if it is in good condition. If it needs replace however, consider updating to a whirlpool tub.

Is your sink free standing? If it is, consider replacing it with a vanity that allows for additional storage. There are many styles and species to choose from that will provide a nice look for your bathrooom.

Does your sink have separate hot and cold valves? If this is inconvienent to you, switch to a single lever that can give a better mix of temperatures.

Does your tub have a shower? If not, one can easily be installed for a minimum cost.

You might want to consider how your remodel will effect your golden years. Think of reinforcing the walls, widen the doors, and add some grab bars to better assist anyone with a disability.

If you need to replace your outdated medicine cabinet, consider a recessed cabinet that will assist your bathroom in feeling more spacious. Even consider one with interior lighting.

If your tile is chipped, cracked, or grungy, consider replacing it instead of trying to match it. This is more cost effective and will help raise the resale value.

If your bathroom still has a wooden window, chances are humidity has taken its effect on it. There are many metal and vinyl windows that are much more energy efficient, and more maintenance free. Deco glass block is an alternative that allows for privacy with out sacrificing natural light.

Older bathrooms didn’t come with vent fans. Now is the time to add one, and whisper quiet motors are becoming more and more popular.

Do you have enough electrical outlets? Lets be honest, our dependency on usage of electronics has more than doubled since most of our homes were built. Chances are you’ll need a few extra outlets. Make sure they are ground fault circuit interrupter outlets though (GFCI). They protect you and your home should any water come near them.

Bathroom remodeling is a fun and exciting adventure. Make sure you are taking advantage of all of the new products out there that save you money and add value to your home.