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Welcome to my MSN & Windows Live Messenger Status Image Generator! This was created by me (Alex P) for myself and other Messenger users! Thanks go to hmaster for the hosting!

Since I started recording stats on the 2nd of February 2006, we have served up a massive total of 3880376 delicious status images!

To generate yourself an image for use in your signature or blog or wherever you like, simply fill out the following fields. Entering a display pic URL is optional & you must enter your username without spaces.

OK good news, most things should now be working, we're redirecting the non working scripts to a temporary host till we can get something sorted out. The images may be a little slower than usual, if you have any complaints on that, please address them to Dreamhost who disabled the scripts, because they want me to pay them lot's of cold, hard cash.

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If you have any comments, suggestions, problems etc then contact me here.

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